Desi Eat speaks to South Asian foodies a.k.a. Desi (they see) foodies. It presents popular recipes from around the globe that are liked and sought by people from South Asia and the Middle East. It also provides information and reviews on restaurants in your city.

Desi Eat brings several "firsts" to the market.

  • Food is centric to South Asian-Canadian lifestyle. Best Desi Food is the only known website that provides both popular recipes and restaurant information and reviews. Thus both men and women frequent it, making it easy for advertisers to reach its target audience at one platform.
  • Desi Eat is the first South Asian-focused website in Canada that offers option to view ad report online.
  • It has a strong social media presence with an active FB page, Pinterest board, Google+, a newsletter, Instagram and Twitter. Thus Desi Eat goes beyond awareness-building banner advertising to adding value via relevance and engagement on social media.

We partner and collaborate with our clients to help them extend their Reach effectively and achieve marketing objectives. Advertise with us to leverage our connection with the people who love to cook and eat out; men and women who are principal grocery shoppers, home cooks, food fans, foodies and decision makers

Advertising Opportunity

There is a range of innovative advertising and promotion opportunities with Desi Eat that you can pick and choose based on your advertising objective and budget.


  • Sky Scrapper
  • Banner ads GIF / JPEG - 50K, Flash - 50K. Expandable to 336 x 280
  • Sliders

Creative Advertising

  • Billboards
  • Brandscape
  • Audio-Visual ads

Social Media & Outreach

  • Newsletters / email marketing
  • Content Sponsorship
  • Social Media Optimization

We provide Creative Services to help develop and showcase the Creative advertising solutions.

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