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July 24 2017

Most-Liked Food - Around the World

Most Liked Food

According to a survey on, a lot of travellers across the globe prefer Indian food. Read on for more fascinating titbits about the way the world eats.

Travellers criss-crossing the globe have ranked Indian food as fifth on their list of favourite cuisines, according to a survey. The survey conducted by says that Italian cuisine, renowned for its pizza and pasta, ranked as the most popular food among the survey respondents worldwide, followed by French, Thai and Chinese food.

People from different nationalities such as Australians, the British, the Dutch and New Zealanders all love Indian fare, as do people from South Asia and the Middle East.

While the world loves Indian food and recipes, Indians seem to enjoy Chinese food the most after their ghar ka khana (home-made food).

The French like Indian food over Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and even Greek cuisine. Their affinity to Indian food is ranked just behind their fondness for French and Italian cuisine. The same is the case for Australian travellers, who rated Indian food among the world's tastiest cuisines.

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