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December 21 2017

Get Mixing @Menchie's


In spite of winters here in Vancouver, people still flock to this frozen yogurt store at 7155 Kingsway, Burnaby named Menchie’s, and I wondered why. So, I decided to put on my Sherlock Holmes cap & headed out to find out why.

Well, the mystery didn’t take too long to solve, as I entered the store, the Manager Ashok Sharma gave me a warm welcome with a cheerful smile. And that’s absolutely the mission of all Menchie’s employees “We make you smile”. The bright color photos throughout the store & colorful spread of cakes & toppings are enough to bring smile to anyone’s face. 

And do you know that Menchie’s is an award winning franchise which has 300 locations around the world? It’s amazing to see their large display of offering ranging from variety of cakes, to yogurts and sorbets with loads of topping options. Choose your own topping – just mix & match!

Being a foodie & having spent some time in the food industry, I can tell for sure that colors play a great role in creating an appetite & enhancing the dining experience. This place had such a color play all over, even in the tiniest of elements such as spoons & cups, I’m sure no one would leave this place with only one serving. 

I’m a chocolate fan, hence I straight away knew what I would want to try: Menchie’s chocolate sorbet. Yummy, the taste of this chocolate sorbet is still so fresh in my mouth. It was soft & just melted on my tongue. Just perfect, I must say!  

Menchie’s also has so many merchandises on display, from T-shirts to Soft toys.  

Oops! Did I forget to mention that Menchie’s provide sugar free and gluten free options too. And in summers they also offer SMOOTHIES, with four different flavours: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple and 4 Berry. 

And you can’t miss noticing the MENCHIEWOOD !  Even the Hollywood loves Menchie’s flavors. This could be the reason that they have crazy footfalls even in winters ☺

In a nutshell, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit, not only the yummylicious chocolate sorbet but also the ambience & the company of the warm staff. 

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